Creating Products

To define a new product, we will start by clicking on Sales and then products from the side menu and then clicking on the + icon at the top right corner.

Clicking on the + icon will open a dialog allowing us to fill in the product details as needed, including product name, indicating if the total price includes VAT or not, and adding articles to the product.

Clicking on the description tab will allow you to add the product photo and additional info about it.

To define who is the supplier of this product, click on the supplier search icon. In case you defined it already, select it from the list. In case you didn’t defined it yet, you can create a new supplier by clicking on the ‘create record’ button, and provide the supplier details in the opened dialog.

Adding Articles
Once a product is defined, we can easily add several articles to the product. On the opened dialog, provide the name of the product and click on the + icon.

A dialog will be opened, allowing you to search and select the relevant articles for your product.

Clicking on the search line will show a popup with all the articles you defined, allowing you to choose one.

If you need a new article, read more in create article section, or click on the ‘create record’ button. A dialog will be opened, allowing you to define the details of the new article.

Once done, click outside of the dialog or on the ‘x’ icon and the newly created article will be added to the list of articles.