To add an invoice, start by choosing Sales and then invoices from the side menu. Click on + icon.

A dialog will be opened, allowing you to provide the details of the invoice.

Start by defining the status, which can be Draft, Charged, Paid, or Canceled.
Once the status was selected, the invoice number automatically created. You can also edit it manually by clicking on the field and inserting whatever number you like.
Under settings, you can load the settings of an existing company, you can define who the client is, define the invoice due date, and how will the user pay (Bank Transfer, Cash, Credit Card, Ideal, or Paypal)
Scroll down and provide the invoice name, description, and choose the products you provided.

Click on the ‘Add Product’ button.

From the opened popup, choose the provided product.

If you don’t have the product specified in the list, you can either navigate to product from the side menu or click on the ‘create record’ button and provide the details in the opened dialog.
Once you have selected the product, the table of line items automatically filled with the articles connected to the product, and the price automatically calculated accordingly.

You can add line items manually by clicking on the + icon above the table, and providing the details in the opened dialog.

If you made a mistake and you want to clear all line items, click on the ‘delete items’ button.

Creating PDF
Once completed providing the details, click on the ‘Create PDF’ button. Once done, a confirmation popup will appear.

The newly created invoice, holding the provided details, is automatically added to your files tab, allowing you to download it and use it as needed.

Changing the Print layout
To change the print layout, click on the print icon.

All items on the screen are draggable, can be deleted by clicking the delete icon, can be resized, changed color, etc.

Emailing of the Invoice
This function is only available when you sync the database with Ninox Cloud.

To send an email with the invoice, start by clicking on the email tab.

Click on the User dropdown field and select the user ( you ). The email address that's connected to the user account will be shown in the From field.

(Optional) Once you filled in the Payment Link Title and the Payment Link URL you can test the PayLink. With Insert the link will be copied to the message.

Checkmark the Attachments option to attach all the files in the file tab (page icon) to the invoice.

Once ready, click on the ‘send email’ button.