To create a company, we will start by clicking on the ‘CRM’ option from the side menu.
Then, click on the ‘Settings’ tab available at the top. On the opened screen, click on the + icon appear above the companies table.

A dialog will be opened, allowing you to provide the details of your company. For your use, provide as many details as possible on your business. Providing as many details as possible will help you with the daily use of the CRM.

First, upload your company logo. Click on the white box, browse and select your logo.The logo will appear filling the white box once the upload is complete. Provide the company name, website, CoC (Chamber of commerce number), VAT number, phone and email, address, and more.
Note that, while you provide details, the main page table of companies is now showing your company details.

Once finished providing the details, you can click on the ‘x’ button.

Should you want to edit the details, click on the company form the table, and the dialog will appear again.