To create a contact, we will start by clicking on the 'CRM’ option from the side menu. Then, click on the + icon appear above the contact table.

A dialog will be opened, allowing you to provide the details of the contact.
For your use, provide as many details as possible on your business. This will help you with the daily use of the CRM.

First, upload the user’s photo. Click on the white box, browse and select the contact photo. Once the upload completed, the photo will appear filling the white box. Provide the contact first and last name, phone, and email, and more.
If this contact is of a company, click the checkbox appear at the top, and a new set of fields will reveal itself, allowing you to fill them as needed.

Note that, while you provide details, the main page table of companies is now showing your company details.

Check the ‘advanced’ checkbox in order to be able to connect the contact to other connections, deals, events, projects, and tasks.

In order to connect the contact to other connections i.e., click on the ‘+’ icon appear above the table. A dialog will appear, allowing you to create the new connected connection.
Click on the search icon to search from existing contacts, or click on the ‘+’ icon to create a new one.

In the Connection field ( 1 ) you can write the type of connection / relation with the just added connection.

The Phone and Email field ( 2 ) will now display the information from the connected contact.